A number of malignant and benign tumours can involve the bony skeleton and soft tissue of the thorax, including ribs, sternum, clavicle, and surrounding structures. Patients with chest wall tumours can present with pain, but some do not experience any discomfort and are found incidentally. Some tumours arise from the chest wall itself, whilst others arise from tumours that learn to travel to the chest wall, such as breast, kidney, and colorectal cancers. The surgical management of chest wall tumours depends on the size and location of the tumour, its underlying cause, and general condition of the patient. Complex chest wall resections may require reconstruction using synthetic material.

Professor Christopher Cao has extensive experience in resecting chest wall tumours through a minimally invasive robotic approach, as well as open complex chest wall resection of clavicles, ribs, sternum and pericardium combined with plastic reconstruction with a highly experienced Plastic Surgical Reconstruction team.

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